Glacier Symphony & Chorale Mission

To provide a diverse range of excellent musical experiences in Northwest Montana that inspire, challenge, and educate our musicians, audience, and students.

Glacier Symphony & Chorale Board

The GSC Board has up to 24 directors, as one representative each from the orchestra, chorale, and league of the GSC for a total of up to 27 votes. The Executive Director, Music Director, and Chorale Director are considered non-voting members of the Board of Directors. The board meets monthly, generally on the third Tuesday of the month at 4:00 pm. The board meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, please check with the GSC office to confirm the date, time, and location of the meeting.

Jim Lehner, President
Brad Seaman, Vice President
Julie Moffitt, Secretary
Mignon Latimer, Treasurer
B.J. Lupton, Executive Committee At-Large

Dr. John Andenoro
Dr. Jim Bonnet
Ginnie Cronk
Steve Cummings
Erika Dorrington
Mark Holston
Felix Jimenez
Dr. Jon Johnson
Jennifer Li
Ivan Lorentzen
Marylou Patterson
Lucy Smith
Karen Spangler
Tamara Williams
Bill Sauer, Chorale Representative
Laurie Miller, Orchestra Representative
Alan Satterlee, Executive Director, Non-Voting
Micah Hunter, Chorale Director, Non-Voting
John Zoltek, Music Director, Non-Voting

Past Board Presidents

The GSC honors the tremendous contribution of the past Presidents of the Board of Directors, who worked tirelessly to help create the wonderful organization we have today. Thanks to those who chose to take on the responsibility of serving their community.

1983-1985 – Gabe Perjessy, Kalispell
1985-1986 – Hi Gibson, Kalispell
1986-1988 – Mike Fraser, Kalispell
1988-89/90-91 – Dean Nelson, Kalispell
1989-1990 – Charlotte Higgs, Kalispell
1991-1992 – Kathy McDevitt, Kalispell
1992-1994 – Steve Cummings, Kalispell
1994-1996 – Eric Kaplan, Kalispell
1996-1997 – Ed Jasmin, Kalispell
1997-1998 – Martha Groenke, Bigfork
1998-2001 – Joan Pfuhl, Bigfork
2001-2003 – Jean Hagen, Bigfork
2003-2005 – Jim Strainer, Bigfork
2005-2007 – Mark Kirk, Bigfork
2007-2009 – B.J. Carlson, Kalispell
2009-2011 – Margaret Baird, Lakeside
2011-2013 – Maureen Hathaway, Somers
2013-2015- B.J. Lupton, Kalispell
2015-present – Jim Lehner, Kalispell