The Glacier Symphony and Chorale is committed to providing access and assistance to those with disabilities. Unfortunately we perform in venues that we do not own, so sometimes accessibility issues are not in our control. Please call our Accessibility Coordinator, Alice Cabell at the GSC office at 406-407-7000 at anytime to ask questions or get information regarding accessibility. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can get help with telephone access by using the free relay service – 711.

Parking and Ramped Access

Kalispell: Accessible parking at Flathead High School is clearly marked in the parking lot on the southwest side of the building. There is a good drop off spot there also with ramped access. Accessible parking at Glacier High School is clearly marked in the parking lot on the west side of the building. You can drop off on the west side of the building where there is ramped access.

Whitefish: Accessible parking at the Whitefish Middle School is less convenient. There is street parking directly in front of the door on Spokane Avenue. There is no ramped access near the main door. If you call us ahead of time, we will block off a spot for you to park near the doors and assist you with entering the building. Accessible parking at the O’Shaughnessy Center is well marked and there is ramped access directly into the facility including box office and main floor seating. Please note that the parking lot directly north of the O’Shaughnessy Center is owned by the BNSF railway and may not be available for public parking.


Kalispell: Performance venues in both Flathead High School and Glacier High School are on ground level and use of elevators is not necessary. At Glacier High, should someone desire to access the balcony, there is an elevator which will take you to the second floor to enter the back of the balcony.

Whitefish: The elevator is not accessed through the main entrance to the Whitefish Middle School Auditorium. There is a side door directly to the south of the main entrance that accesses the elevator. This door usually remains locked. If you call ahead of time, we can work out an arrangement to have a volunteer meet you at the door to assist. Or, someone can come into the main entrance and ask for assistance from one of the GSC staff or volunteers. The O’Shaughnessy Center does not have an elevator to reach the balcony seating. All wheelchair seating is on the main floor.

Large Print Programs

The Program Page and Program Notes for the performance are available in large print. Please request them at least 72 hours in advance from Alice Cabell in the GSC office at 406-407-7000, and they can either picked up at the office, or waiting for you at the venue Box Office.

Wheelchair Seating

Kalispell: There is not good wheelchair seating at Flathead High School in the auditorium. There are 4 spots at the back of the auditorium for wheelchairs but they are not level. Please call ahead to reserve the wheelchair spots. We ask that wheelchairs not occupy the space near the front of the auditorium where it is level, as this is a critical fire exit route and cannot be blocked. Glacier High School auditorium has very good wheelchair seating at the back row of the front section. Click here to view a seating chart indicating the locations of handicap accessible seating at venues in Kalispell.

Whitefish: There are a number of wheelchair seats at the back of the front section in the Whitefish Middle School auditorium. Please advise in advance if you need access to those seats as prior arrangements may need to be made with the school. Click here to view a seating chart indicating the locations of handicap accessible seating at venues in Kalispell.

Assisted Listening Devices

Assisted Listening Devices: The Whitefish Performing Arts Center is the only venue that currently has assisted listening devices available. Request the devices in advance from Alice Cabell at the GSC office by calling 406-407-7000 or request the devices at the venue Box Office.